Apr 15, 2017

"Pickled & Cured" - PEI Burger Love 2017 - Part 7

Stop #7 of the 2017 Burger Love tour.

Open Eats is one of our favourite spots to dine in Summerside, it's a quaint, smaller venue but the food it unique and always top-notch. We don't get there as often as we like but when we are looking for a nice evening out and a special meal, we always choose Open Eats.

Their entry this year is the "Pickled & Cured" and after reading executive chef Megan Beairsto's bio on their website you won't be overly surprised by the "pickled" part. The burger consisted of Custom Smoked & Cured 6 oz Island Beef Patty infused with Ground Bacon and Umami Ketchup Glaze, Sauerkraut, Cabbage & Onion Slaw, grated Gouda, Horseradish, Green Tomato Chow on a warmed house-made Seaweed Bun topped with a Pickled Brussel Sprout.

If you've been following my reviews over the past couple of years you know that I'm not a fan of anything pickled (sorry Megan) but my wife is, so she was eating the burger this time while I ordered off the regular menu. The pasta I had was delicious, would definitely recommend as an option to anyone. I also tried a couple of bites of the burger, and if my pasta wasn't so good I would have been disappointed that I didn't order it too. The burger patty itself was easily the best one I've tried so far.   

We also lucked out, Alex was "testing" his baking skills and asked if we wanted to try a Cod Pie he was working on. Based on all of our other experiences there we knew it would be good so we took him up on the offer. It looked similar to a calzone, but the pastry was like a pie crust, light and flaky. The pie was filled with flaked cod, mozzarella, tomato, and seasoning. It was so good and I really hope it gets added to the menu. I would order it in a heartbeat.   

Rating 9/10

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