Apr 2, 2017

"Life on Mars" - PEI Burger Love 2017 - Part 4

Stop #4 of the 2017 PEI Burger Love tour.

I don't even know where to start with this one. It is definitely unique, but based on their previous creations it wasn't a surprise. We had no intentions of stopping at the Frosty Treat but when we were driving by it didn't take much convincing for us to pull the car in. Boy am I glad we did. 

Such a crazy combination of ingredients, the Life on Mars included 5 oz Island Beef Patty, Bacon, Deep Fried Mars Bar, Caramel Sauce on Two Funnel Cakes and topped with a Sprinkle Vanilla Ice Cream Cone!! I know it sounds crazy but it works.

It's a tricky one to eat since the bun is funnel cake, yep cake! We had to use a fork and knife to deconstruct and eat it, but tried to get as many flavours with each bite as we could.  We all really, really liked this one.

The cake was nice a crispy on the outside and moist and full of flavour on the inside. The burger had that great, unique, dairy bar taste, plus the bacon (need I say more). Top it off with a deep fried mars bar drizzled in caramel sauce. Delicious.
Even if you don't try the burger, if you've never had a deep fried mars bar, I suggest stopping in and having one. So good.

It's early in the month but this burger takes the club house lead and suspect that it'll stay near the top of the list.

Rating 9/10

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