Apr 11, 2015

PEI Burger Love - My 2 cents

Anyone who follows me on Twitter may have seen a few burger pictures over the past couple of weeks.

Long before the Ottawa Senators had the "Hamburglar", PEI had Burger Love. For the past 5 years in an effort to promote PEI beef, chefs across the Island create a unique burger that is only sold during the month of April.

This year there are 60 restaurants participating and I decided to give some of them a try. Lots of friends and co-workers are doing the same and it's fun to hear others thoughts and opinions on each one they try. Burger Love has been great for local restaurants, many (including me) have been going to spots they normally wouldn't just for the burger. 

After trying a few and sharing notes with others who've tried some too I figured why not capture my experience here. I'm by no means a "foodie", I like to eat and can be a little fussy. But hey, everyone has an opinion, plus the pictures are pretty mouth watering.

I'll create a new post for each burger I try. I'd be interested to hear about others experiences.

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