Apr 16, 2015

"Crackerjack" - PEI Burger Love - Part 3

* Stop #3 of my Burger Love adventure.

Number three on the tour was "Crackerjack" at Anson's restaurant in Slemon Park.   

A 6oz. Island Beef patty stuffed with extra aged cheddar & bacon, spring mix greens, deep fried spicy dill pickles, monterey jack cheese, fresh tomato, red onion, and horseradish garlic aioli on a grilled onion bun with garlic butter, garnished with a deep fried mushroom and spicy dill pickle.

Yes you read that right, the burger had bacon and cheese cooked inside. Coming off the Acadiana this one had a lot to live up to and it didn't disappoint.

The burger was cooked perfectly, oh and did I mention it had BACON inside of it! The horseradish garlic aioli wasn't overpowering and just added a little bit of tang to the taste.

Not a fan of pickles so was glad they were deep fried and I could pick them off and there wasn't any "pickle" taste leaked onto the burger.

Overall it was a really good burger and if you're in Summerside looking for a sammich to try check it out.
Rating - 7.5/10

Crackerjack - Anson's
Bacon & cheese inside the burger


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