Oct 5, 2016

PEI Porktoberfest 2016

Every fall the smell of bacony goodness spreads across PEI, "Porktoberfest" runs during the month of October. This year 20 chef have come up with a unique pork based menu item for Islanders to enjoy. Although not nearly as big as April's PEI Burger Love, for fans of pork (like me) it's a special month.

Islanders wait with bated breath for the website to go live and salivate over the pictures as they plan out their month, or maybe that's just me!

Over the course of the month I'll be sampling several of the creations and posting my reactions here. I'd be curious to hear from others about their experiences and favourites.

Follow my adventures here or on twitter, also check out #PEIPorktoberfest for more mouth watering info.  

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