Oct 17, 2016

B2 Trailer Pork Boys - Porktoberfest 2016 - Part 2

* Stop #2 of the 2016 Porktoberfest adventure.

Unfortunately there's only a lone Summerside entry in this years campaign, the "B2 Trailer Pork Boys" from Brother's Two.

I'll be up front and say that after reading the description I was probably a little biased going in. I'm not a big fan of onions, relish or goat cheese so I didn't have high expectations going in but given how much I enjoyed their Burger Love entry earlier this year I was optimistic.

The "Trailer Pork Boys" consists of 8 oz of ground PEI Pork with B2 spices on 3 pork sliders.

BUBS- PEI Pork patty, smoked cheddar, bacon, sweet corn relish on a homemade cheddar bun garnished with pickled onions.
RICK - PEI Pork patty, goat cheese, pickled red onion, cranberry salsa on a homemade black sesame bun.
JULES - PEI Pork patty, smoked gouda, fennel apple slaw, apple chutney on a homemade sesame bun.

The play on the Trailer Park Boys was a good hook but unfortunately I wasn't a fan of the flavour combinations on 2 of the 3 sliders, the apple slaw and chutney on the "Jules" did work for me.

At $16.99 for the sliders themselves plus another $3.99 for a side, the price is a bit on the high side. In my opinion, at that price, it would have been nice to see a side included.  

As mentioned, reading the description I was probably a little biased going in due to ingredients I normally wouldn't eat, but if you like onion, relish and cranberry this one might be for you. Just wasn't my cup of tea.

Rating 6/10


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