Apr 16, 2016

"Seoul Mate" - PEI Burger Love 2016 - Part 5

* Stop #5 of my 2016 Burger Love adventure.

We decided to take the trek west on Friday night to try out the "Seoul Mate" at The Landing in Tyne Valley. 

It's a great little pub set in the heart of the tiny village, great spot for a meal or to hang out with friends over a pint and listen to some live music on the weekend. 

The Seoul Mate consisted of a 6oz Island Beef Patty, Bacon, Old White Cheddar, Grilled House-made Kimchi, Spicy Korean Aioli, Arugula, Korean BBQ Sauce, and Crunchy Asian Noodles on a Poppy & Sesame Seed Bun, garnished with Tomato and Carrot Stick.

Wasn't sure what to expect going in with the fusion of different flavours that I hadn't had before but with all the burgers I go in with an open mind. Plus when I see the word "spicy" I get a little nervous since I'm not a big fan of hot/spicy foods. This one did have a pretty good amount of heat, but it wasn't overwhelming.

If you like a burger with a little kick this one is likely for you.

Rating - 8/10

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