Apr 24, 2016

Charlottetown Tour - PEI Burger Love 2016 - Parts 15 - 17

* Stop #15 - 17 of my 2016 Burger Love adventure. 

During PEI Burger Love month my wife and I normally try to take a Saturday and go to Charlottetown and sample several burgers. It's a bit of a challenge but we order just the burger and split it plus we space them out over the course of the day.

The popularity of the burger love phenomenon makes getting into some spots difficult, many spots are completely booked each weekend during the month, it's been a great initiative and has bumped millions of dollars into the PEI economy.

Stop #1 - Rising Star - Outriders. We hadn't had the burger there in previous years but had heard really good reviews and liked how it looked so figured we'd give it a try. We were glad we did. The grilled cheese bun is easily the most flavourful bun I had so far and the garlic aioli was delicious. The onion rings had a great smokey taste and just added to the already delicious burger.

Rating - 8.5/10

Stop #2 - The Southern Belle - Old Triangle. I've been to this bar many times and there are franchises all over the Maritimes, great spot to enjoy a beverage with friends and usually there is live music on the weekends.

This bad boy was full of flavour, three in particular made this burger for me. 1) Peach and Honey-Rubbed Hickory Smoked Bacon, 2) Chipotle Honey Mayo, and 3) Bourbon BBQ Sauce. If it had the bun from the burger at Outriders, man oh man, it would be battling for the title. Regardless it was a fantastic tasting burger and worth giving it a try if you are in downtown Charlottetown.

Rating - 9/10

Stop #3 - The Poutinere - Hunter's Ale House. The burger here was our last stop on our Charlottetown tour last year, so seemed fitting that it be the last stop this year too.

If you put pulled pork on my burger there is a really good chance I'm going to like it.This one was pretty good but I didn't really like the gravy that they used, it tasted a little bland. I was left wishing that the gravy either had more flavour or that they'd used the pulled pork sauce instead.

Rating - 7/10

All in all a pretty successful day and splitting 3 burgers over the course of 6 or 7 hours was a great way to experience several burgers in a short time. If you are a fan of burger love I'd encourage you and a group of friends to do the same. 

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