May 3, 2015

"Shea-Nanigan" - PEI Burger Love - Part 10

* Stop #10 of my Burger Love adventure.

A friend of mine does trivia at O'Shea's Pub in Kinkora (Senators coach Cameron's home town) and we try to attend when we can. He had raved about the burger so we decided to head out early before trivia started to give it a try. 

The make-up of the "Shea-Nanigan" was 7ozs. Island beef, mozza & cheddar cheese, grilled maple ham, onion rings, spicy lattice fry, signature Jack Daniel's™ sauce, fresh tomato, and romaine lettuce on a grilled and buttered cornmeal kaiser, garnished with a mac & cheese wedge.

Richie and the staff knocked it out of the park with this one, it was really, really good. The maple ham rivaled the candied bacon on the Sugar Daddy and the Jack Daniel's sauce added a little bit of sweetness. Topped off with a couple of onion rings and lattice fries for a little crunch.

Normally my wife and I split a burger between us but since it was trivia night she shared one with one of our team mates so this one was all mine. In all honesty, I would have been disappointed if I had to share this one.

After 10 burgers this one is near the top of the pack.

Rating - 9/10

"Shea-Nanagins" - O'Shea's

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