Apr 29, 2018

"Grape D-Vine" - PEI Burger Love - 2018 - Part 5

Final weekend of PEI Burger Love, after being away for two weeks of the month I was feeling a little guilty that we hadn't gotten to try as many burgers as we normally do.The plan was to remedy this injustice over the next couple of days.

We set out Saturday to try a few that we had been hearing good things about during the month. Thankfully we split them and don't order a side. Even so, eating several half burgers over the course of 6 hrs is a task on itself.

We decided to make the trek to Charlottetown to try a couple but on route we stopped at Family & Friends restaurant in Kensington to try the "Grape D-Vine", the reviews were really good so we wanted to try it too.

The burger consists of: 6 oz Balsamic-glazed Island Beef Patty, Feta Cheese, Smoked Gouda, Bacon, Roasted Garlic Aioli, Caramelized Onion, Candied Walnut, Housemade Quick Dilly Pickles, Crispy Pita Strips, Red Grape Slices on a Toasted Potato Scallion Bun, topped with a Crispy Pita Chip, Cucumber and a Red Grape.

I'll admit seeing cut up grapes on the burger kinda freaked me out a bit at first but after that first bite I was sold. Burger was seasoned well and juicy, the smokey flavour of the gouda and roaster aioli offset the sweetness of the grapes. The candies walnuts were a nice touch.

Definitely near the top of the list for this years burger love.  

Rating - 9/10

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