May 6, 2016

PEI Burger Love 2016 - All Over

Another successful Burger Love month in the books. This year I managed to sample 20 of the 73 burgers available. I know that seems like a lot (and it is), I justify it to myself by saying that most were shared with my wife and several were split 4 ways with friends.

All the stats are now in and for Burger Love 2016 there were a total of 163,170 burgers sold (145k last year), that's over $2.2 million in burger sales in just 30 days. The winner this year, based on fan voting, was the Brick-Inator from the Brickhouse.

Unfortunately I didn't get to try that one as the Brickhouse was basically fully booked for the last 2 weeks of the month, luckily with the win it will be on their menu for the rest of the year.

Here are my rankings, please take with a grain of salt. I like bacon, cheese and BBQ and not a big fan of "spice" so my rankings reflect my personal taste. Feel free to click on the burger name to read my review. I'd be interested to hear what your opinion is on some of these burgers.

Burger Love - 2016

RestaurantBurger NameScore
121 BreakwaterAbsolute Breakwater9.5
25 O'Clock SomewhereLobster House9.0
3The Holy CowThe Holy Grill9.0
4O'Shea'sSpud's McWhiskey9.0
5Old TriangleSouthern Belle9.0
6Brother's 2B2 Bun-Sai9.0
7Pizza DelightChristmas Dinner8.5
8Friends and FamilyTriple S8.5
9OutridersRising Star8.5
10Island Stone PubSunday Roast8.5
11The LandingSeoul Mate8.0
12ClamdiggersDiggers Classic7.5
13The Home PlaceApple Orchid7.5
14Loyalist InnBBQ Beer Burger7.0
15West End GrillBlazing 7's7.0
17Lady SlipperShanghai Dragon6.5
18Main Street PubBig Tex6.0
19Silver FoxAround the World4.0
20Tailgate Bar and GrillWrap Around2.0

Kudos to all of the restaurants that participated and to the Burger Love team for doing such a great job of promoting all month. Looking forward to Porktoberfest in October and Burger Love again next spring.

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