Oct 13, 2011

Do You Value Play?

Part of my podcast consumption includes something most of you are very familiar with, TED talks. I normally save them up and have a TED marathon every couple of weeks. Last weekend this one peaked my interest. It is by Steve Keil titled "A Play Manifesto". Although many of his references are about his home country of Bulgaria I think his message is relevant for anyone who is trying to bring about change.

Much of the message is asking us to "Value Play". In the context of his talk "play" doesn't mean frivolous, it's more about enjoying what you do and using play to become a positive influence on others. Unfortunately many of us, including me, devalue play and get caught up in the tasks of our daily routines, seriousness ensues and becomes the norm.

Now I'm not suggesting we add in a playground behind all of our offices, although I'm sure we'd have lots of laughs if we saw our co-workers hanging on a set of monkey bars. But if we are going to spend at least 40 hrs a week somewhere shouldn't we try hard to spend a good portion of that time with a smile on our face.

One of my favorite lines "You're obviously an idiot so I'm going to make a zillion little processes for you to follow so you don't step outside the box." If this reminds you of your workplace you may want to think of ways to rediscover play. Work shouldn't make you feel miserable, find ways to do what makes you feel good and in the end share your ideas.

Plans for my next post is to explain one of the things I'm trying to do to bring "play" into my workplace. 

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