Jul 18, 2011

Canada Day Weekend - St. Andrew's

We spent the July 1st weekend in St. Andrew's, NB. It's a small town in the southern part of the province (about 1 hour west of Saint John) with a year round population of around 1800. But during the summer it is a busy spot. It's a beautiful little town with lots to offer.

Here are a few pics from our weekend.

Parade Day, Main street is closed for most of the day. Several thousand people downtown.

Canada Day parade, yes that is a dog in the side car

Family shot after a fun day in the sun and evening fireworks.

Tee shot on the famous 12th hole at the Algonquin golf course. Stuck it about 15ft from the pin and yes I missed the putt. Battled back from a +6 front nine to shoot +1 on the back for a 79. Beautiful golf course.

My two favorite girls, Teresa and Kennedy

This was really neat, Ministers Island is accessible from the mainland at low tide via a road across the ocean floor. The pics below are looking at the same spot on the island (or pretty close). We drove across in the evening on a dry crushed gravel/stone roadway and the 2nd pic is from the same spot the next day at high tide.  
Same thing in these shots. Teresa and Kennedy standing in the same spot, notice the dock in the background. Pretty neat to see just how much the water level actually changes during the course of a day in the Bay of Fundy

Tyler earning his keep for the weekend, cleaning golf balls. Teresa's uncle finds 1000's every year.

Great meal at Olde Tyme Pizza on Main St. This panzarotti was huge and delicious. 

Over all we had a great weekend. Big thanks to Teresa's aunt and uncle, Barb and Hughie, for having us for the weekend. Great hosts as always. Already looking forward to our next trip over. 

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