Mar 31, 2017

"Rizzo Burger" - PEI Burger Love 2017 - Part 2

Stop #2 of the 2017 PEI Burger Love tour.

PEI Burger Love is one of the reasons I run and go to the gym all year. Thankfully, my wife and I normally split the burgers but as you can see from the pictures these aren't your typical hamburgers.

I love trying out the different creations that the chefs come up with and it's nice to see so much hype and buzz across PEI because of it. Restaurants are packed and, in most locations, a reservation is recommended during the month of April.

The Rizzo is comprised of two 4 oz Island Beef Patties, Rib Sauce-flavoured Bacon, Aged Cheddar, Chipotle Mayo, Onion Rings, Lettuce, Tomato on a toasted Garlic-Buttered Brizzolio Bun.

I'm a sucker for bacon and rib sauce, this bad boy had oodles of both and they didn't disappoint. The chipotle mayo added a tiny bit of heat, but not too much. Overall a pretty tasty burger and one I'd recommend people try.

On the negative side, the price of $15 + tax for just the burger was a little steep in my opinion and takes the overall rating down a bit.

Rating 7.5/10

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